How do we expect to stay happy when we cannot help ourselves see others happy? Regretfully, a country which was made independent; where men, Muslims in general were allowed to practice free will. A chance to stand up for themselves and change their bitterness.

I was born a Muslim, but sadly in a country where there is no value for humans. A country where they judge you for something that a man has no control over. A country that traditionally sects Muslims in between themselves. Differs them between Shia and Sunni, Wahabis, Barelvi or Deobandi. A country where they judge you for some wrongdoing and tell you the outcome of the hereafter because of a bit knowledge that they have.

The issue arises when they call other Muslims as Kafirs (infidel), Takfir, or the condemnation of a Muslim by another Muslim as a Kafir, which is strictly prohibited in the Quran, The Hadith , and the writings of many eminent Muslim authorities.

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We as Muslims, believe in Allah and his Prophet (PBUH), as under the Five Pillars of Islam. After that we rely on the good and the bad deeds. As for the goods we shall be rewarded with heaven and for the bad being punished with hell. I say, same goes for the Shia’s as well.

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They believe in Allah, they believe in Our Holy Prophet. As Allah has completed this religion over him and so does no other miracles shall come after him. Allah respected the followers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) but did not rely the entire religion on them. So the concept of Good and bad gets in. As they believe in Allah and his Holy Prophet (PBUH), there is no question about them being Muslims. Not believing in certain matter is not a threat to their religion but the concept of Good and Bad. As for the Good they shall be given good tidings and for the bad, punishment.

So why do we think that this is so easy for us to exclude someone of the religion? And are ready to kick them out handing them a permanent visa to hell. Whereas Allah, the God of mercy, the One who gave respect to human beings and called them ‘Ashraf-ul-Makhlooqaat’. As Allah says in the Quran :

‘Verily we have honored the children of Adam. We carry them in the land and the Sea, we have provision of the Good things for them, and have preferred them above many of those whom we created with a marked preferment.” (17:70).

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So why this so much hatred against the Creatures whom Allah has respected. Why throw them in hell when we can lead them to heaven. Rather than stressing the religion for ourselves and others, follow the true message and end the hatred. Excel ourselves, where we respect each other as humans first then as Muslims. Where we show them the path to heaven rather than tricking them to hell.

Love one another and be united because unity has the power to exclude the false that is going on.

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P.S. This is a guest post and does not reflect Writing Towards Change’s viewpoint. It is an opinion submitted to the page, and has been published to let the world hear an individual’s voice. Because there is nothing more important than listening to and understanding each other, no matter how diverse our opinions may be.