You should probably start waking up very early in the morning.

Not at 8 or 9. I’m talking before the sun even rises. Very, very early in the morning.

Actually, the reason I have all this energy is because I am human.

I was a strict follower of the regular regime of going to sleep past midnight and waking up at 10 or 11 on holidays, and 6 during weekdays. The day would drag on, and by the end of it, I would realise: Hey! I didn’t get much done today! Maybe tomorrow?

Soon enough, I thoroughly analysed myself. Where exactly was I headed? What was I trying to achieve? Were my efforts commensurate with my goals? Was I doing anything? How much time do I actually have left to make amendments to myself? What kind of a person did I want to be? Was I satisfied following trends and standards set by people around me? Where were they headed?

Believe it or not, most of it came down to my sleeping and waking timings.

It makes a difference.

Here are five ways waking up (much much) earlier has been one of the greatest contributors to a complete lifestyle change (another being staying away from pointless, self-degrading conversations).

1. You get a lot more done.

When you wake up earlier and sleep earlier, you can actually achieve a lot more. Try it for a week, you will literally see your productivity increase by at least 100 percent. You can learn to dance, cook, or speak Italian during the wee hours of the morning.


Done, done, done.


2. Bye-bye, health issues!

We love to believe we are night owls. However, our bodies function at their most optimal levels when we work during the day and sleep during the night. If we decide to pull all-nighters to get an assignment done or party with our buddies, we’re exposing ourselves to various health issues. Some of these issues may not have any known causes (such as autoimmune diseases), but a factor could be poor lifestyle choices.

Steroids are a cure but wouldn’t you rather not use them?


3. Peace

Those early hours are so peaceful and serene, you’ll find yourself staring out of your bedroom window and falling in love with the tranquillity. And the sunrise!


Picturesque beauty.


4. You will feel fresher all day.

Your mind works a lot faster, you can think a lot more clearly, you have a spring to your step. Your energy becomes contagious, affecting people around you. Your attention span will expand, and you’re able to process a lot more information than you thought possible.


You can see every dew-drop on every leaf. 3D!


5. It’s actually fun.

Seriously, try it for a week. Wake up early, and just exercise, read a book or cook yourself a great breakfast. You’ll become addicted to waking up this early every single day. You’ll go to sleep excited about waking up and having those few hours all to yourself. If you’re a social butterfly, get your partner or family member (or even pet) to hang out with you. But these quiet hours are usually enjoyed the most when you engage in lonelier (absolutely no negative connotation intended) activities. Especially if you’re an introvert like me. You need those few hours to yourself, otherwise, you’ll go nuts with all the social interactions you have to go through for the rest of the day.


Yoga. Never tried it personally, but this is a great option as well!


Give it a try! For a week, at least. Wake up an hour earlier, and lower the waking time slowly from there. Sleeping too much dulls the mind. And there is nothing more powerful in this world than a human mind. Do it for yourself. You are worth it.