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Why It’s Impossible to Hate Anyone

Hatred, resentment, malice. All such negative feelings! But it shouldn't be too hard to quit on all this, because in the end, even the worst of people can teach you the best of lessons!


Beauty: It’s in the Smallest of Things

We're becoming tired of these daily tasks of cleaning our room or making the bed. But hey, don't stop. Because believe it or not, these small things are what make life great.

Of Systems and Suicides

It was a competition that seemed to have no end. We were shut up in a room and told to recite the alphabet, the water cycle, Newton’s Laws of Motions. We weren’t really sure why we were doing all this. We did know we had to score well. We did it for the marks. It has to end. This has to stop.

All Hail Consumerism

Your satisfaction is priority. Your relaxation is of the utmost importance. Everything else is secondary. You are king. Your demand is driving the supply.

Urdu: The (Second) Most Beautiful Language in the World

It is more than an array of beautiful letters arranged on a piece of paper. It is the pride of a nation, and it is possibly the world's second most beautiful language. It is Urdu.

Lessons to Learn From Animals

Animals exist for reasons beyond maintaining the sacred Circle of Life. They exist as a lesson for you and me. You only have to observe.

How to be Completely Unhappy: 5 Easy Steps!

Let's face it: it's becoming difficult to be optimistic and cheerful. So just GIVE UP and be MISERABLE instead! Disclaimer: This is a highly sarcastic piece.

Lust at First Sight (The S-Word)

He walked free after damaging a little girl to such a degree that, 8 years later, she still carried the secret around with her. A man who, if alive, is probably still walking free without atoning for his crime. A man who will still harass another young girl because he was not called to account for what he did to my friend. All because we remain silent.

Food – How Much Do We Really NEED?

Is it just me or do we pay WAY too much attention to food? And why do we eat so much?

Syed Osama Shah – Waziristan

Syed Osama Shah gives us an insight into what it is like to live as part of a minority group in Pakistan. Disclaimer: The views presented here do not necessarily reflect the views of Writing Towards Change.

Minding Your Own Business, and Other Stories

How hard is it to keep our noses out of other people's affairs? How hard can it be?

The Man Who Became a Murderer

Follow the story of an ordinary Pakistani family-man who becomes a murderer. This story is based on a true occurrence.

The Importance of Saying No

Meet Yes-man. Yes-man loves saying yes. He says yes to everything. Where is he now, after 43 years of saying 'Yes!' to everything?

Guest Post: Syed Osama Shah’s ‘Spread Love, Not Hatred’

Syed Osama Shah shares his views on what he feels one of the major problems in our homeland, Pakistan, is. Disclaimer: This post does not reflect the views of Writing Towards Change.

Harassed By Cash

Our aims, goals and targets are all centred on the almighty dollar. Is money really a goal worth fighting for? Getting 16 years of education for? Sweating and bleeding for? Is money all that is left?

The Dangers of Labels

Sarah was fighting for a good cause. She dedicated her whole life to it. Why doesn't she feel satisfied?

Start Waking Up Earlier NOW

I was a strict follower of the regime of going to sleep past midnight and waking up late. Here are five reasons you should quit following a similar regime NOW.

A Story About Monkeys

This is the story of a family of monkeys. Follow the monkeys' tragic journey as they are snatched from the comfort of their home to the laboratory of the Scientist.

Was it Worth It?

More than 100 people dead. 100 families destroyed. 100 lives gone in the name of terror. Their biggest mistake? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Art of Self-Degradation

In this fast-paced era, where individuality and ideas rule, it is becoming very fashionable to make yourself look like a complete fool. Putting yourself down is the new black.

Of Trust Factors and Pakistanis

I did not pray for the freelance client to be honest. I did not pray for him to be kind and gentle and considerate. I did not even pray for him to pay me on time for all the sweat and hours I was putting in for him. I prayed for him to not be a Pakistani.

The Pakistani Female Dilemma

Here comes the grand finale. The culmination of her 21 years has led her to this one stage where it will be decided whether she has been a success or a failure. This is her defining moment.

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